Saturday, October 6, 2007

Baby Leg Warmers - Part 2

Take a safety pin and poke it through your elastic and close it. Take the safety pin and insert it into the open slit you just made. Feed it around until it comes out the other side.

Then pull out the elastic far enough to fold it on top of one another and straight stitch back and forth to join the two ends of the elastic together.

Then feed them back into the "ditch" you made for it and join the open edges of the sock and straight stitch across that 1/2 inch gap to close it up.

That's all - you are finished. You can vary this by just zig-zaging the bottom edge too to give a lettuce edge finish.

Have fun with these.

Baby Leg Warmers

Here are the instructions I use to make the baby leg warmers from a pair of woman's knee socks.

Basically, cut them off just below the start of the curve (one inch below) then turn the socks inside out.

Fold the end so it is on the inside of the sock (side that is facing you now) starting at the fold lay your elastic down and "mark" where the elastic ends.

This is where you will sew your straight line. Sew a straight stitch all the way around (be sure not to sew the socks together as you are working in a circle) leaving a 1/2 inch area open and un-sewn.

Instructions will continue in the next post.